Meeting Details

This summer, we're changing it up. But don't worry, we're still getting together!

Our summer interns will be planning more informal hangouts. Starting the first week of July, we'll be getting together weekly to watch movies, cook, chat, compete in games, and more. And YOU'RE INVITED! Join us for some summer fun! Meet veg friends from across the US and Canada!

The summer activities will run throughout July and August. Drop-ins are welcome! Specific details will be posted on our social accounts.

Click 'Join Us' above to register for our summer eventsThere is no cost or deadline to join.

Teen-led Discussions

We're all coming from different places in our veg journeys. Most members identify as veg or plant-based, but allies and teens interested in learning more are welcome to join!

Bring your questions, commonly-heard comments about your veg life, and situations you've found yourself in as a veg teen. Share your knowledge, experience, compassion, courage, and stories with each other.

Club Atmosphere

This is your space. You guide the discussion and shape the program. Help us build a vibrant, welcoming, and inspiring club!

Knowledge and Communication Skills

We'll share stats, facts, and information regarding all aspects of plant-based living. We'll touch on ethics and the concept of speciesism, workers' rights, environmental issues, health, and nutrition. We'll practice effective and compassionate communication strategies using real-life examples of scenarios you have found yourself in when talking about your veg diet and beliefs.

Guest Speakers and Guest Chef

Hear from guest speakers and cook with a guest chef. Enjoy a plant-based cooking demo. Bring your questions and ideas for changing the world. Speakers change with each session and there will be at least two guests.

Inspiring and Educational Film Clips

Expand your knowledge of veg issues by viewing film clips of documentaries, activists, changemakers, athletes, and innovators. Build your veg knowledge base and feel prepared to answer any question that comes your way.

Innovations and the Future of Food

Another world is possible! We'll explore new food technologies such a plant-based meats, cultivated meat, and agricultural transition programs. 

Initiative (Educational Outreach) Planning

Our meetings build toward a member-led initiative (educational outreach) at the end of each session. We're fans of both activism AND attractivism (leading by compassionate example). Together, we'll explore strategies and techniques that advance social change. As a group, we'll choose and plan an initiative to share our newfound knowledge with the broader community.