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VSA's Secret

Hey There!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret . . . There are days when I get up in the morning and think: What the heck am I doing and why did I think starting a plant-based organization . . . for teens . . . during a global pandemic . . . was a good idea? I’m sure no matter what you do for a living - stay-at-home parent, CEO of an organization, teen with class after class online - you’ve asked yourself the same question. How did all the choices I’ve made in my life lead me to where I am today? But you know what, I’m a firm believer that each and every one of our footsteps is carrying us on an important voyage - to a lesson, to happiness, to wisdom, to new friends and a bigger purpose.

So, what about Veg Student Alliance? Why should you check us out, a new organization in the startup phase whose Executive Director just admitted that she is questioning the timing of founding this group?

Because . . .

Despite my concerns and wonderings, I believe completely in our mission and I know that we are providing something new and unique.

And because VEG TEENS . . .

  • often feel isolated, misunderstood, out of place, and like the only kid who “gets it”

  • want a community and a support network where they feel at home

  • need an effective way to communicate their passion for animals, the environment, worker rights, and human health, AND

  • would benefit from adult veg mentors who can support them and help them channel their passion in a meaningful way.


It’s our small-scale, personalized, compassionate, and welcoming approach.

This is what VSA offers that is unique from all of the other amazing veg organizations:

- A personalized experience, tailored to the needs of its members

- Motivated, passionate, and energetic veteran educators with 15 combined years of plant-based advocacy work and almost 50 combined years of classroom teaching experience

- The chance to be heard and really listened to

- The opportunity to take action on an issue that matters

- A community of friends who get you and what you’re all about

- The chance to chat with experienced activists and chefs in a small group setting

With VSA, you’re not getting just another Zoom call,

you’re getting the chance to make a difference with new friends. All at the low price of . . . FREE.

The 8 pilot sessions, and any subsequent sessions, are offered AT NO COST.

Since this is such a small organization, spots are limited and there are only 10 spots remaining for our January session, so if you know someone you think might be interested in our program, please share this blog post with them. In fact, even if you don’t know of a teen who might be interested in being a part of our first session, please share this post with two people anyway.

We can never truly know the ripple effects of our actions, and your forwarded post just may make it into the hands of a young person desperately in need of community. Help us reach teens who need a plant-forward, welcoming community of friends.

And once you’ve shared this post, would you please send me an email with simply the word “DONE,” so I can thank you for your support of VSA?

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As always, we are so thankful for you, our VSA community, for sharing our message and for your continued support. With Sincere Gratitude,


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