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Liz Marshall is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed filmmaker. She has written, produced, and directed many documentaries which highlight a variety of important social issues such as access to freshwater, the impact of war on children, AIDS/HIV, and humans' relationship with

non-human animals. 

Her work includes The Ghosts In Our Machine (2013), Midian Farm (2018), Water On The Table (2010),

among others. 

Liz just released the feature documentary, Meat the Future, which chronicles the birth of the "cell-based" meat industry and features Dr. Uma Valeti, founder and CEO of Memphis Meats.

Liz's work has received widespread attention across the globe. She is the recipient of many awards, including Top Transformational Film - Viewers Choice Award, Best Nature/Environment Golden Sheaf Award - Yorkton Film Festival, Best Canadian Feature, Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, among many others.



Photojournalist & Author

Jo-Anne McArthur is an award-winning photographer, accomplished author, and sought-after international speaker. Through stunning photographs, she documents the complex relationships between humans and animals. 

Jo-Anne is the founder of We Animals Media, an organization whose mission is "to bring visibility to hidden animals worldwide through compelling photography and film."

An accomplished photographer, Jo-Anne has documented animal suffering on all seven continents. She has authored three books and was the human protagonist featured in the powerful documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine.  

Jo-Anne's incredible work has been featured in National Geographic, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Medium, VICE, the LA Times, Canadian Geographic, to name just a few.


She has received numerous awards for her work, including the 2020 Nature Photographer of the Year, Man and Nature category winner.

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SF Advanced Health

Dr. Payal Bhandari, M.D. is an accomplished practitioner of integrative functional medicine and the founder of SF Advanced Health. Dr. Bhandari has received extensive recognition throughout her career as one of America's top physicians. 

By combining Western and Eastern medicine, she is able to define the root cause of illness. An expert in cell function, Dr. Bhandari specializes in cancer prevention and reversal, as well as digestive and autoimmune disorders.

In 2013, Dr. Bhandari founded San Francisco's top integrative medical center, SF Advanced Health, with a focus on holistic medicine. Her team of practitioners focuses on quality care of the whole person to reverse chronic illnesses.

Dr. Bhandari is an expert on how how to stay healthy on a plant-based diet, and how to avoid and prevent chronic and reversible disease with a health-promoting lifestyle.



Registered Dietitian

Debbie is a clinically-trained registered dietitian. She is currently in private practice and is also a consulting dietitian to a couple of medical offices as well as a hospital-based clinical trial. She has provided nutrition counselling and support to clients with various health challenges, including but not limited to heart disease, diabetes, digestive issues, cancer, kidney and liver problems, as well as metabolic syndrome.Being a strong believer in giving back, she volunteers as a dietitian for several charitable organizations. She is also passionate about improving food literacy in the general public and has been invited by the Canadian Liver Foundation, University Health Network, and various community groups to deliver nutrition education presentations or webinars.



The VeganAbler Collective

Kelly Kerr, founder of the VeganAbler Collective, is a plant-based chef and caterer with a passion for helping others embrace a compassionate, sustainable, and affordable veg life.

Kelly left her corporate career to build her vision for a world where everyone is empowered with the skills needed to adopt an environmentally-friendly veg lifestyle. Kelly offers personalized coaching in shopping, cooking, and
"veganizing" favorite recipes to make a plant-forward life possible for anyone.

Kelly has shared her delicious cooking on LunchBreakLIVE on Jane Unchained News. Kelly and her husband, Ray, have been featured several times on Climate Healers discussing their exciting and powerful initiative, VeganAbler. VeganAbler empowers anyone interested in moving toward a plant-based diet, helping to build plant-forward communities.



Love of Brian Farm Sanctuary

​Beth is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Love of Brian Farm Sanctuary in Meaford, Ontario. A longtime animal lover, Beth has also owned a dog walking and pet care business, and has years of experience in the veterinary field. She is a passionate advocate for animals. When Beth is not doing farm chores and caring for her many rescues, she is active in The Save Movement, attending vigils and supporting animal rights causes. In addition to running Love of Brian with co-founder Jaime Sirna, Beth works at an animal hospital in Meaford.

Jaime Sirna (Love of Brian)


Love of Brian Farm Sanctuary

Jaime is the co-founder & Executive Director of Love of Brian Farm Sanctuary. Jaime's bond with animals began at six, when she rescued bunnies in the backyard and began fostering wildlife. She spent six years working for a private farm sanctuary, rescuing and rehabilitating farmed animals. In 2012, Jaime co-founded a large dog rescue group. Three years later, in 2015, she took an Animal Behavior and Welfare course at the University of Guelf to further her knowledge of animal health and care.


Jaime brings extensive knowledge of livestock health and behavior, nutrition, and homeopathic treatment to the Love of Brian Farm Sanctuary Team in Meaford, Ontario.