Stay Healthy

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What we eat has a big impact on our health. Learn more below!

What About Human Rights?

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Did you know that what we put on our plates impacts people in our own communities and around the world? Learn more below!

General Resources

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There's so much more to learn! Keep exploring and see why so many people are adopting plant-forward diets!

Protect Our Environment

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What does our food have to do with deforestation, climate change, water pollution, and overall environmental health? Check out the resources below to find out!

What’s the Latest Plant-Based News?

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Stay up-to-date on the latest plant-based news!

Share the Planet

Want to learn about farm sanctuaries and how our food choices impact the other animals on the planet? Keep reading!

Influencers and Taking Initiative

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Get inspired to take initiative by checking out these programs and influencers!

Veg Celebs

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Here's a brief list of athletes, performers, and celebs who Choose Veg!

Billie Eilish


Ariana Grande

Serena Williams

Joaquin Phoenix


Benedict Cumberbatch


Nate Diaz


Kyrie Irving


Evanna Lynch


Patrik Baboumian