Cow and Piglet


We strive to show compassion toward all and practice being accepting and non-judgmental of others. We create positive, inclusive, and welcoming spaces for young people from all backgrounds.​​​ Understanding our differences is necessary for effecting change.

Image by Anna Pelzer


We educate about the impact of dietary and lifestyle choices and food systems on the environment, animals, human health, and workers’ rights. We are committed to our belief in the health, environmental, and ethical benefits of choosing a plant-based life.

Image by Markus Spiske


We seek to make environmentally-sustainable daily life choices and protect our emotional and mental health by practicing self-care. We believe social change requires long-term commitment and careful stewardship of resources, both environmental and personal.

Image by Elena Mozhvilo


We take a fact-based approach to outreach and are committed to peaceful, respectful, and effective communication. We are pragmatic, reasonable, and understand that change often occurs incrementally.



We create alliances among veg and non-veg young people. Societal change requires action from a wide-variety of groups with diverse perspectives speaking up, together, in support of a greater purpose.