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🌟JUNE 16th is the LAST MEETING of the 21-22 School Year!🌟

Looking for a Veg Community? Join VSA!

Our 2021-2022 PROGRAM ENDS ON JUNE 16th.

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Plant-based, plant-forward, veg-friendly, vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore allies. 

Some of us have tons of activism experience and others are newbies.

Everyone is welcome!


We build

to empower veg teens and their allies to take action for a more compassionate and sustainable world.


What People are Saying . . .

 I was thrilled to find this group and connect with other teens that I could connect to about all the issues in the world, something lacking in my daily life. Our weekly meeting quickly became my most anticipated time of the week. Everyone was so welcoming and it was amazing to hear everyone’s stories. If you are a vegan, vegetarian or simply curious teen, join VSA!

 Every week I learn something new with VSA - not only about ethics, health, and environment but also how to be a better and more compassionate human being.

I learned how to work together, lead a group and divide tasks, and most importantly, take an idea and turn it into reality! It is exciting to think about the change that our initiative can make!


Veg Student Alliance creates interactive, youth-centered learning experiences that equip middle and high school students with the skills needed to take initiative on behalf of climate change, the environment, animals, human health, and worker rights. 


Veg Student Alliance envisions a future in which veg teens and their allies are empowered with the necessary knowledge and leadership skills to speak up and champion a plant-based, sustainable, and equitable food system.

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Important Note

Veg Student Alliance is a welcoming community. Although the majority of our members identify as plant-forward, we do not promote a single way of living. Participation in Veg Student Alliance or any related event is not a substitute for advice and guidance from licensed health care experts. Veg Student Alliance encourages participants to seek medical and nutritional advice from licensed professionals. VSA’s primary focus is on building community for plant-forward teenagers and their supporters.